Made you look, didn’t I?

And believe me, we debated at length whether that was appropriate or not, but in the end we thought it was kinda cute, and absolutely true! Wieners, or hot dogs, which is what I’ll call them from now on so as not to overuse the word, have long suffered from a bad reputation, yet we all love to eat them! Phrases like “scraping meat off the cutting floor with a shovel and throwing it into the grinder” are often associated with hot dogs, so we thought what better way to tell you about how ours are made, then by showing you the process?

We are proud of the care that goes into raising the animals on our farm, as well as the quality that goes into crafting our meats, and so we want to share with you a behind-the-scenes look.

Let me just recap what Aaden and Ryan demonstrate in the video:

The pork used is from  Lepp Farm raised pork. Our pigs are given spacious living quarters, fed an all-vegetable diet, and are not given any additional growth hormones or antibiotics.

The same is true for our all-beef hot dogs. All the beef at Lepp Farm Market is  Angus beef, and the cattle are raised exclusively for us at Hat Creek Land and Cattle Company in the Ashcroft area.

Our hot dogs are just spices and meat. There are no added fillers or binders, and they are gluten free!

We use only full-muscle meat – butcher lingo for quality! The exact same premium meat as you would get in our ground pork or beef is used in our hot dogs, and they don’t contain any offal, snout, other unmentionables, or trim that should be discarded.

We process in small batches, which ensures our customers are always getting a fresh supply.

This summer, our wish is that you will get to enjoy a sizzling, grilled, or – if you’re really lucky – roasted-over-an-open-fire, Lepp’s premium hot dog on a lazy, sunny day! Enjoy this treat, knowing that they have been handcrafted for you by Lepp Farm Market’s talented butcher team.

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