Monthly Archives: August 2019

Charlotte’s Favourite Pickle Recipes

Aunt Elizabeth’s Fresh Dills – a fridge pickle recipe! Shirley’s Bread & Butter Pickles – fridge pickles!   Heritage Dill Pickles – a canning recipe! Mexican Fridge Pickles Dill Pickle Dip

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Summer Evening Charcuterie

Summer Fruits The best part about assembling a charcuterie board in the late summer is the abundance of local fruit! Slice them up and serve them fresh, or try grilling or roasting fruits to bring out more of their sweet flavour. It can be easy to get carried away with all of the selection, but […]

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Lepp’s 6th Annual Peach Pie Competition

Last weekend was our 6th Annual Peach Pie Competition, and as many of you know we completely changed the format! 19 Bakers attended the event, all with a distinctly unique but definitely peach pie. As usual, the variety in appearance and flavour was astounding! What was unusual is the way in which this competition was […]

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