Cooking steak can often seem intimidating – especially if you’re not experienced on the grill. There’s always a chance that after you pull that steak off the grill that it won’t turn out, and that’s why people tend to stick with steaks they know and love. However, there are so many different types of steaks to choose from that you could be missing out. All you really need is a little knowledge and some good quality salt (a thermometer helps, too).

Over the next month we’ll be highlighting different steaks, which we’ve broken down into categories to make it easy to remember. This week we’re highlighting the “Custom Cut” steaks. Don’t forget to keep an eye out on our Instagram page as we’ll be posting videos! Jason will pick 1 steak each week and show you how he BBQs it.

Custom cut steaks are showstoppers & perfect for those special occasions when you’re looking to impress. This category consists of the Tomahawk, T-Bone, and Baseball Steak. These steaks all need to be specially ordered from our meat department.

Tomahawk: The tomahawk steak is essentially a more impressive ribeye with a minimum of five inches of french ribbed bone left on. It’s high amount of marbling, impressive size, and melt-in-your-mouth texture is sure to amaze from the moment it hits the grill.

T-Bone: Cut from the short loin primal, a T-Bone steak contains both a New York Strip Loin and Tenderloin steak. Connected by bone, this steak is lean, flavorful, and tender with a classic look that is sure to please.

Baseball: A thick centre cut Top Sirloin steak, the baseball steak gets its name from its rounded shape. This cut is lean, thick, and flavourful.

 Since each of these steaks is so full of flavour that a sauce is not necessary (unless you love sauce of course), you really want to concentrate on a good quality salt.

The Farmer’s Dotter Garlic Scape Salt: Made in the Okanagan, this garlic scape salt is made from garlic grown on their own farm. This garlicky, smoky, crunchy salt is delicious sprinkled over steak.

Vancouver Island Sea Salt: Hand-harvested off the coast of Vancouver Island, this flaky salt is the perfect way to season your steak.

Cote d’Ahzur Salt & Pepper Rub: The name says it all – the perfect mix of salt and pepper.

Recipes to Pair with Custom Cut Steaks

This 10-ingredient recipe is for those of you wanting something a little special this grilling season, without a ton work. And since our Lepp Farm’s non-GMO corn is in season, now is the perfect time to try this recipe.

The most perfect extra Crispy Salt and Vinegar Smashed Potatoes. Made simply with baby Yukon gold potatoes, vinegar, cheese, fresh herbs, plenty of flaky sea salt and black pepper. Each bite is perfect and so delicious.

This fresh, vibrant recipe is filled with garden and farmers’ market finds, but it doesn’t require a lot of ingredients. However, you’ll discover the best of the season is highlighted here. Not only does this salad taste like summer, but it’s also a quick dish to pair with grilled main-course favorites.


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