Cooking steak can often seem intimidating – especially if you’re not experienced on the grill. There’s always a chance that after you pull that steak off the grill that it won’t turn out, and that’s why people tend to stick with steaks they know and love. However, there are so many different types of steaks to choose from that you could be missing out. All you really need is a little knowledge and some good quality salt (a thermometer helps, too).

Over the next month we’ll be highlighting different steaks, which we’ve broken down into categories to make it easy to remember. This week we’re highlighting the “Sharing” steaks. Don’t forget to keep an eye out on our Instagram page as we’ll be posting videos! Jason will pick 1 steak each week and show you how he BBQs it.

These steaks are large – making them perfect for sharing or even meal prep. They’re easy to cook, while still being able to impress any guest. This category consists of Flat Iron, Flank, and Skirt Steaks.

Flat Iron: Cut from the shoulder of the cow, a flat iron steak is extremely tender and well-marbled. The marbling keeps this steak flavourful and juicy, making it perfect for the grill as high heat and short cooking time really brings out it’s rich flavour. This steak is also available prepped and pre-seasoned on a cedar board for an easy and delicious dinner option.

Flank: Flank steaks are an often overlooked cut of meat, but they are loaded with rich flavor, great texture and are incredibly tender when properly prepared. This steak is well suited to marinades and can be enjoyed either grilled over high heat or slow-braised. Tip: Make sure to cut across the grain when serving to optimize the tenderness of this cut.

Skirt: A skirt steak is a long, thin, boneless steak with very pronounced grain that is full of marbling, which keeps the meat juicy and tender when grilled. Skirt steaks take well to marinades and bold seasonings and are a favored choice in most steak fajita and taco recipes. Tip: Make sure to cut across the grain when serving to optimize the tenderness of this cut.

Since these steaks are commonly used in Mexican recipes, Frontera’s Fajita Skillet Sauce & Triple Smoke Tex Mex are the perfect pairings. However, if you’re going the more traditional route with a classic sauce, House of Q’s Competition BBQ Sauce is a must-try.

Triple Smoke: Made on Vancouver Island, their artisan all-purpose spice blends are real wood smoked and delicious.

House of Q Competition BBQ Sauce: This BBQ sauce is sweet, tangy, and delicious. Made in the Okanagan using real ingredients.

Frontera Fajita Skillet Sauce: Frontera Foods offers high-quality, authentic-tasting & delicious Mexican cooking sauces.

Recipes for Sharing Steaks

Grilled Garlic Herb Flank Steak with Avocado Corn Salsa is infused with amazing garlic herb flavor and grilled to tender and juicy perfection. The avocado corn salsa on top is phenomenal!

This recipe for Rockin’ Chimichurri Steak Taco’s tastes like summer. Spicy marinated grilled steak, a quick chimi sauce, and all your other favorite toppings.

It’s summer, which means that not only is your grill hot, but corn is also finally juicy and sweet. The two need to meet. If you’ve ever wondered the perfect way to grill corn – this post is for you.

This is a show-stopper for any time of the year, not just summer BBQ’s.

The steak is pre-marinated with grilling directions on the back of the package, and if you follow them precisely to the minute, (set your timer folks!), you’ll be rewarded with the most tender slices of beef. The smell and crackle of the cedar board as it cooks adds some drama to the process!

Backyard BBQ Steak Guide

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