Did you miss our canning demonstrations at the Corn & Peach Festival, or just want to learn how to can? Not to worry, because here are all the recipes we handed out to everyone who attended! We’ve included recipes that teach you how to can peaches, freeze corn for the winter, and make pickles. Canning is not only a great pastime but also a great way to save money and batch cook for the winter.

This is a super simple salsa for canning from the book Canning for a New Generation. It makes more of a restaurant-type finer texture, not chunky like a fresh pico de gallo.

Originally from the Ball Canning site, this easy tomato sauce recipe is basic with just the additions of garlic, onion and herbs.  That way, on a dark winter’s evening when you’re craving the taste of fresh, local produce, you can open a jar of this aromatic sauce and be as creative as you wish, adding all your favorite ingredients like peppers, mushrooms and sausages or meat.

I can’t think of another preserved item that brings me as much joy to cook with in winter than these roasted Roma tomatoes.  Not quite sun-dried, but thicker than a jar of canned tomatoes, whenever I want to ramp up the flavour of a tomato-based sauce or create a flatbread everyone will love, I dip into my precious stash in the freezer.


I love to have Roasted Roma Tomatoes on hand over the winter to use in this easy weeknight meal Farmer Sausage & Spinach Gnocchi (one-pan dinner!).

This one-pan dinner is perfect to cook up on a busy weeknight – and it’s incredibly delicious too.

This classic homemade tomato sauce recipe from Ball Canning is sure to be a hit this winter.

The absolute easiest way to can tomatoes!  This step-by-step photo tutorial will show you how to can tomatoes in no time. No peeling, no coring- just cut out the stem and dice them up.

Learn how to can crushed tomatoes in record time. No blanching or de-seeding required!

There is just no comparison between the taste of homemade tomato sauce, made with delicious summer tomatoes, and the one we can get at the store. And… It might be the best way to preserve tomatoes since there are so many ways to use tomato sauce.

Enjoy local corn all winter long! The best advice I can give you is to do as much of this outdoors as possible. It’s an easy, but messy job and it will be so much simpler to clean up after the job is done if you can hose off your work space!

Our go-to recipe on how to can the perfect peaches.

This heritage recipe from Farmer Rob’s mom is his favorite pickle and evokes lots of memories for him whenever I make them. She always made them in an ice-cream bucket and I remember her being very excited when she sourced a studier white bucket with a red lid, which is how I remember them being served at every extended family summer picnic.

I have yet to meet a person that doesn’t exclaim, “where did you get those pickles!” when I serve these crisp slices. Equally at home with an elegant hors d’oeuvres course or a backyard BBQ, these easy pickles are always a crowd pleaser. There’s no canning involved, so if you can chop, stir and pour, you can make these!