This recipe for Cranberry Citrus Squares should not be underestimated.
It’s a combination of sweet from the coconut & cranberries, while adding a slight tang from the lemon.

I’m a curious researcher, always wanting to know the origin of something, or why it works. So I love Alton Brown’s unique explanations for his recipes. While any brownie recipe would work to top with halva, I was intrigued with his two-bake method and loved the results! The result is a deliciously fudgy, gooey-in-the-middle and not overly sweet brownie. The halva adds a subtle layer of flavour to these rich chocolatey squares.

This incredibly easy cake only needs a blender or food processor, and the rest simply stirs together with a wooden spoon. It’s warmth and spice makes it a perfect ending to a holiday meal and you can easily adjust portion sizes to suit everyone’s appetite.

Now you can enjoy your favorite holiday beverage in a lightly spiced cookie. Using freshly grated nutmeg heightens the flavour of the warm spices, plus makes a delicate dusting for garnish.

A traditional tart is a bit larger than a pie in diameter but is also much shallower than a pie. This way your guests can still enjoy a slice of this rich and buttery dessert, but in a smaller portion than a traditional pecan pie.

A Christmas dessert board is the perfect way to round up all your favourite sweet treats from the market into one delicious board.

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