Corn & Peach Recipes to Try This Summer

July 31, 2019


This pasta salad makes good use of your grilled corn, diced peaches, and all that basil that you have growing in your garden. Plus, Okanagan field tomatoes are right at home in this summer-inspired dish.

This corn & peach salad can be topped with one of two dressings – a sweet, peach & white balsamic dressing that you’ll want to eat by the spoonful, or a hearty warm bacon dressing that instantly turns your salad into comfort food.


Corn & Peach Salsa – the first bite of this salsa reminds our marketing manager, Lydia, of Joey’s reaction to potpourri. It’s just like summer in a bowl! If you’ve binge-watched Friends on Netflix, you know what she’s talking about! If not, you’ll just have to try the salsa.


Freezing corn is a great way to preserve it for the winter, and Charlotte has done it enough times to know the best tips & tricks! Take a look at this article where we walk you through the process with step by step photos, and then be sure to come and stock up on our sweet, non-GMO corn during our Corn & Peach Festival!

During the festival we’ll have our best price of the year on our farm grown corn and Okanagan peaches, so be sure to come by and enjoy the festivities, and stock up on all the fresh, local harvest. Canning peaches is a great way to preserve them to use later in the year, and it’s simpler than you think.

Canning is one of those things that can be intimidating if you’re not familiar with it. Sometimes you just need to see someone else do it first, and have a chance to ask questions along the way. That’s why we’re hosting free demonstrations put on by Charlotte Lepp & Angela Boon at our Corn & Peach Festival! They’re free to attend, and begin at 11am on both Saturday Aug 10 & Sunday Aug 11. We’ll cover the basics of canning peaches and freezing corn and even show you how you can use them later on in the year.