This recipe was dreamt up on a cold night in January with a sad tin of store-bought corn. Immediately I knew that I had to recreate this once our local corn season had begun!

The unmistakable sweetness that Lepp’s corn brings to this dish complements the spicy chorizo and tangy pickles perfectly! The crunch of the fresh lettuce balances out the creamy, creamy coconut rice. Make sure you get a little bite of everything on each forkful. And the sauce! You’ll want to make a little extra and keep adding it to every layer of this bowl as you work your way through it.

This pasta salad makes good use of your grilled corn, diced peaches, and all that basil that you have growing in your garden. You’ll be thrilled with how fresh and summery it tastes.

This corn & peach salad can be topped with one of two dressings – a sweet, peach & white balsamic dressing that you’ll want to eat by the spoonful, or a hearty warm bacon dressing that instantly turns your salad into comfort food.

This salsa is a delicious, fresh taste of summer. Besides the usual taco chips, this salsa is also amazing served with fish tacos, grilled chicken or pork.

Freezing corn is a great way to preserve it for the winter, and Charlotte has done it enough times to know the best tips & tricks! Take a look at this article where we walk you through the process with step by step photos.

Canning peaches is a great way to preserve them to use later in the year, and it’s simpler than you think.

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