Once we start picking pickling cucumbers from our farm in Abbotsford, we typically have until mid-August until the season runs out. The reason I’m telling you this is because once the season ends and rain sets in, we find that a lot of our guests are looking for ways to eat locally during those long winter months, but at that point there just isn’t quite as many options. But this year will be different for you because you’ll have a jar of your own homemade pickles, made from Lepp Farm grown cukes and dill weed.

I have yet to meet a person that doesn’t exclaim “where did you get those pickles!” when I serve these crisp slices. There’s no canning involved, so if you can chop, stir and pour, you can make these!

These are super simple to make as there’s no processing or canning involved, they just require a bit of space in your fridge and won’t last long if you have a pickle lover in your family.

Relish, like most things in life, is just so much better when homemade. It’s also another great way to use pickling cukes! Try this relish on your hot dogs and hamburgers the next time you fire up the BBQ.

This one is from my friend Jan, who wrote out detailed instructions for her daughters. I bet she didn’t think at the time it would eventually be shared with all of you, too! You can use this recipe with garlic scapes, asparagus & beans, too.

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