Lepp’s Guide to Charcuterie

One of the simplest, no-cook and no-bake appetizers if a good old-fashioned charcuterie board, made with a variety of meats, local cheeses, jellies, pickled vegetables and even some sweets too. These boards are not only easy to assemble, they’re also incredibly delicious. Plus, they work great for New Year’s Eve too! Below, we’ve outlined how to build one yourself, or, you can take inspiration from some of our own pairings.


A Selection of Lepp’s Gourmet Meats

Portion: 100 – 150 grams of meat per person.

Without a doubt, meat is the star of the show in a charcuterie platter, given that the very definition of charcuterie is “cold cooked meats collectively.” Of course, now we use it to refer to a whole range of foods arranged on a board, complete with cheeses, dips and such. For meat, a good starting point is to select 2-3 smoked or cooked deli meat (sliced), and a sausage or salami (cut into rounds).


Portion: About 200 grams of cheese per person.

1 hard, 1 soft, 1 semi-firm… or as much as your heart desires. Little Qualicum Cheeseworks has great options for hard cheeses, and I’d suggest a Brie or a chevre for the soft. For two people, 2-3 is often enough – but feel free to add more depending on your guest count.

Olives, Balsamics & Pickled Vegetables

Portion: Pickled Vegetables would be 4-5oz per person, oils and balsamics are just enough to drizzle.

A quality balsamic is a wonderful addition to drizzle over a pate, or a mild cheese. Savory or sweet olives are a great addition depending on the theme of your board. We also have Lepp Grown Pickles & Pickled Beans ready to go right by our cheese section in the market.

Jellies, Jams, Relishes & Honey

Portion: About 80 grams per person.

If you’re creating a board for 2-4, you really only need one jam. That being said, you can never have too many options. Depending on your board you either go sweet or spicy, and you can even add a veggie dip for some variety.

Breads & Crackers

Portion: 1-2 types of crackers, or add a baguette.

Some favourite crackers that offer some great crunch without an overbearing flavour are Raincoast Crisps and Gone Crackers. Lepp’s Daily Market sourdough is also a must if you’ve chosen anything with an overly runny consistency – don’t let one drop of goodness get away when you soak it up with this bread.

Nuts, Chocolate & Candies

Portion: About a handful of each, I know, not the most exact measurement. Add more or less as your heart desires.

I recommend choosing one of each, and if you’re looking for a way to really dress up the platter than try your hand at baking some candied nuts. Candies & chocolates are great for a sweet charcuterie, whereas Local Hazelnuts, Almonds and dried fruits (not the candied stuff) work well for a more dinner-like approach.


Portion: 4-5oz per person.

Of course in season, local is always best! You just can’t beat the full flavours of fruit that’s been picked the same day, or day before. Otherwise, grapes, melons and strawberries offset the meats and cheeses very well and cuts through the overly sweet chocolates and jams you may add.



Sweet & Savoury
  • Little Qualicum Island Brie
  • Champagne Cheddar
  • Prosciutto
  • Gone Crackers
  • Salt Spring Kitchen Co Onion Thyme Jam (for topping the brie)
  • The BOG Cranberry Jalapeno Jelly
  • Silver & Green Thyme Olives
  • ChocolaTas Salted Caramel
  • Laid Back Snacks Praline Almonds
  • Wild Mountain Chocolate Creamy-O



Breads & Spreads
  • Lepp’s Bakehouse Sourdough Bread
  • Mt. Lehman Buffalo Cheddar
  • Madame Loik Whipped Cheese
  • Lepp’s Pickles
  • Dip of Choice
  • Fume-Eh Smoked Artichoke Tapenade
  • Salami of Choice
  • Gone Crackers
  • Laid Back Snacks Hearty Tamari Mix



Cranberry & Wine
  • Lepp’s Turkey Cranberry Farmer Sausage Ring
  • The Farmhouse Chevre
  • Bothwell Red Wine Cheddar Cheese
  • Smak Dab Cranberry Wine Mustard
  • Lepp’s Pickled Beans
  • La Panzanella Crackers
  • The BOG Cranberry Crunch Freeze-Dried Cranberries
  • Laid Back Snacks Hearty Tamari


Easy Appetizers

Sometimes you make a from scratch appetizer, and sometimes you open a jar and toss chips into a bowl. If the latter sounds like the ideal party, here are some great options:

Lepp’s Bakehouse: White Sourdough, Whole Wheat Sourdough & Cranberry Sage Sourdough (seasonal).

Chef Pieter Dips: White Cheddar Habanero, Smoked Gouda & Jalapeno, Avocado Lime, Smoked Salmon, & Oven-dried Tomato, Goat Cheese & Chipotle.

West Coast Select: Salmon Pates & Smoked Sliced Sockeye Salmon.

Authentic Mexican: Mole Sauce and Vegan Mole Sauce. Enchiladas – Chicken & Mole, Chicken & Salsa Verde& Black Bean.

Grandpa J’s: Roasted Potatoes with Greko Lemon Seasoning

El Jefe: Fresh Corn Chips & Del Primo Salsas.

Nina’s GF Pierogi’s: Vegan Cheddar, Yam & Sundried Tomato, Butternut Squash & Sage, Spinach & Feta & Cheddar Cheese & Potato


4 Ways to Use Lepp’s Bakehouse Sourdough


1. On a Charcuterie Board

Pair it with your favourite spreads, jellies, and mustards.

2. Chef Pieter Sourdough Bread Bowl

Hollow out a loaf of Lepp’s sourdough and fill with Lepp’s Bakehouse’s spinach & artichoke dip. Bake in the oven at 375 degrees for around 30 minutes (until the dip and bread are both warm).

3. Dip In Balsamics and Olive Oils

Agrodolce’s Gourmet Balsamics and Olive Oils are the perfect accompaniment to Lepp’s sourdough.

4. Cranberry Brie Pull Apart Bread

Wanting to make some desserts and appetizers yourself? Here are some of our favourite: