Our top recipe of 2022!

The Calgary based Best of Bridge cookbook series has been my go-to cookbooks over the years when I’m looking for tasty, easy and surefire winner recipes. I was thrilled to see a new title called Fan Fare, and even more excited to see that they revamped one of our family favorite recipes “The New Classy Chicken”. Much lower in fat, but still just as tasty. This is an easy winter casserole dish and delicious enough for company.

This homemade relish is a must-try next summer.

This recipe comes from our grocery manager’s sister, Cambria, who dreamt of Paska cookies and decided to make it a reality. These soft, citrus flavoured shortbread cookies are topped with buttercream icing and sprinkles – making them reminiscent of Paska.

One of my favourite side dishes at Earl’s Restaurant is a delicious warm potato salad. Restaurant dishes usually have many steps and processes, but this easy recipe comes very close. You really can’t go wrong with potatoes, bacon and corn in a creamy dressing!

Kitchen Manager Leslie shares her most treasured family recipe with us today. Sunday Roasts at Gram’s house were not complete unless these mustard pickles were served alongside.

Here it is in all its 1990s tin-of-condensed-soup splendour.  I toyed with the idea of changing the recipe to include a homemade version of tinned soup but decided not to mess with the original.  This was one of the first recipes to appear on our website, and likely the first recipe I ever created from scratch.

A&W has reimagined themselves many times since their opening as Canada’s first freestanding drive-in in 1956. Sadly, along with the demise of the drive-ins and car-hops, went the iconic Whistle Dog. The Whistle Dog was Farmer Rob’s favourite A&W treat, along with the frosty Root Beer and crispy onion rings. Many of our dates ended up at the A&W drive-in. Thankfully our marriage has lasted longer than the Whistle Dog, and it’s also easy to recreate the Whistle Dog at home.

I must apologize to our Lepp Farm Family for taking 13 years to highlight a Greek dinner menu. I can’t explain the oversight, as it’s my favourite ethnic food to cook and is always a crowd pleaser. We have so many delicious grocery products to help you create a delicious Greek meal, and there’s no longer any excuse for you not to delight your lucky family and friends with these tasty options.

Today the Fraser Valley potato harvest starts with the delicate Warba nugget potatoes, easily recognized by their unique pink eyes and harvested before they set their skin.  My family teases that I must be the only person who makes a meal entirely from potatoes, but once you try this recipe, I’m sure you’ll understand why.

If the thought of roasting a huge turkey intimidates you, or you’re a small group, then a boneless turkey breast roast is the dish for you!  Carving is simple, and if you’re not dedicated white meat eaters, then choose a breast roast stuffed with thigh meat and you get both dark and white in each slice.

This is technically our top 11th recipe of the year, however it’s too delicious to leave out. Especially as we’re approaching citrus season.

Cheerful orange mixed with creamy vanilla makes this no-bake Orange Creamsicle Pie the perfect refreshing dessert. It’s got an ultra creamy, smooth texture and tastes just like your favourite childhood dessert.