DIY Salad Dressings

March 11, 2020

Ice Box Buttermilk Dressing

Fans of thick and creamy salad dressing will love this. The vinegary capers, shallots and herbs give so much flavour that all it needs is some delicious, fresh greens like our Lepp Farms lettuce to create a tasty salad.

Maple Balsamic

I was surprised to see how simple this recipe is to make, and I credit it with giving me the courage to start making my own salad dressings. I’ve played around with the quantities, as 5 tablespoons seemed like an odd measurement, however I’ve learnt to trust the recipe, as it’s perfect.


This recipe appealed to me as I love the simplicity. Without any extra oil, this is a healthy and delicious dressing.

Jam Jar Vinaigrette

You know the pesky little bit of jam languishing in a jar in the back of your fridge?  Don’t toss it out, but instead add a few ingredients, shake it vigorously, and you’ve got a delicious, fresh salad dressing.

Creamy Maple Mustard

Super simple, and as delicious on grilled veggies like Brussels sprouts as it is on a salad, there’s no excuse not to have a homemade salad dressing in the fridge for a healthier take on store-bought dressings.


Don’t have time to whip up a homemade salad dressing? Try out some of our housemade salad dressings, available in our produce cooler!

Choose from Caesar, Ranch, Jalapeno Ranch, Coleslaw, Greek Salad, Farmhouse, and Citrus Sesame.