The spring can often feel like a never-ending waiting game. The warmer weather signals the need for corn on the cob with our BBQ’d dinners, or sweet sun-kissed strawberries, but we bide our time with substitutes that arrived here days after harvest from a warmer part of the world. It’s almost time to start counting down the days to the summer’s local bounty, but in the meantime we thought we’d share with you the progress that each crop is making on Lepp Farms and at the Okanagan Orchards.


Rows of strawberry plants in sunny Sumas prairie are flowering, and even giving way to some green fruits that have yet to ripen. We can usually expect strawberries in the market by the beginning of June!

Sweet corn is poking out of the ground over at the Sumas Prairie farm. The sandy soil at this farm allows us to get into the fields and planting earlier than here at our Clayburn farm, which retains a bit too much water in the rainy season. We usually expect to have corn at the market in mid July.

Green & yellow bean plants are staying safe under their tarp. We usually expect beans in the market in July.

Those aren’t kiwis or mangoes, they’re apricots that haven’t ripened yet! We usually expect to have apricots in the market in July.


Find out when more of our crops are coming into season with our downloadable Produce Calendar!


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