Last week we had the pleasure of guest-gramming over at The Fraser Valley! If you’re not familiar with guest-gramming, it basically means that we got to log into someone else’s Instagram account and post videos for a week! We got to introduce ourselves to their friends who may not have heard of Lepp Farm Market before, and showcase all of the incredible ingredients grown right here in our region. What better way to explore a new part of the world (or, your own backyard) than by eating what the locals eat, and cooking with what the locals grow?

On the final evening of our social media takeover, we got the market management team together for a potluck so that we could show you exactly that – how the locals eat.

In that video we told you all that we would be sharing some of the recipes, so if you’ve been hoping to recreate some of those dishes in this spread, this blog post is for you.

Mexican Street Corn Dip

Creamy cotija cheese, sour cream, mayonnaise and more come together with sweet corn & spices to create the ultimate party dip (or mid week snack!) – Mexican Street Corn Dip. Grab a bag of Fresh is Best chips, and blissfully scoop your way to the bottom of this bowl.

Marinated Tomato Salad & Toast

Similar to bruschetta, but simple to toss together and serve! This recipe is a must-try during tomato season.

Charred Tomato & Chili Salsa

This salsa is the gift to your future self that you’ll be sure to appreciate later on in the year when fresh tomatoes are no longer at your fingertips.

Peach & Summer Vegetable Tray Bake with Sausages

This can be dinner on all on it’s own! The best part is that it’s a tray bake, meaning you toss all the ingredients onto a tray, put it in the oven and wait for dinner to be ready.

Lepp’s Sweet Corn

Corn is a complete side dish with only butter & salt, but of course, being food-obsessed, we couldn’t stop there. Top it off with creamy whipped feta dip.

Lepp’s Green & Yellow Beans

Pan-fried on the stovetop in butter, then covered in salt, pepper & Triple Smoke’s Hickory Dill seasoning.

Sausages & Steak

With so many side dishes, the main course was simple.

Cedar Plank Steak, sliced & served family style

Feta, Spinach & Turkey Sausages

Marinated Steak


And then came dessert.

This pretzel based cream pie, but instead of peaches, strawberries.

This fruit dip, served with fresh strawberries.



Grilled Peaches & Vanilla Ice Cream

Halve the peaches and grill on medium to high heat on your BBQ. You can melt some butter & sprinkle brown sugar on top, or just a simple scoop of Birchwood Dairy vanilla ice cream.

When you grill the peaches, be sure to grill on both sides so that you get an evenly-cooked peach. That way your spoon will glide through like butter, making it easier to enjoy your dessert.


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