Monthly Archives: June 2016

Reasons to Be Excited

2 very special events have got me very excited this past week. First, pickling and canning season has started, and I’ll just get right to the point and tell you what’s already available at the market. cherries, apricots and early peaches (not free-stone yet) from our Osoyoos orchard pickling cukes, green and yellow beans and […]

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We’re not Ashamed of our Wieners

Made you look, didn’t I? And believe me, we debated at length whether that was appropriate or not, but in the end we thought it was kinda cute, and absolutely true! Wieners, or hot dogs, which is what I’ll call them from now on so as not to overuse the word, have long suffered from […]

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We did it with YOUR help!

3,967 race participants in 5 different events $370,450 raised in donations overall – a Run For Water record 10,571 people in Ethiopia will receive clean water for life 36 Lepp Farm Market team members involved $11,230 in donations raised by YOU, our Lepp Farm Family 320 lives that have changed forever by being able to […]

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