I stopped making this a number of years ago because the original recipe called for tins of flaked ham, and frankly I just couldn’t stomach using them anymore. In a brilliant “a-ha” moment last year, I realized I could just use our delicious Lepp’s deli hams and chop it myself.  Family tradition is saved, and ready to share with you all!

These simple to prepare and flavourful little bites are perfect as a party appetizer, and the jewel-tone red jelly calls out “me first” from any holiday buffet.  I love the contrast of the sharp cheese and the spiciness of the locally produced Cranberry Jalapeno Jelly, but for a less zippy version use a plain red pepper jelly.

This is a show-stopper for any time of the year, not just summer BBQ’s. The steak is pre-marinated with grilling directions on the back of the package, and if you follow them precisely to the minute, (set your timer folks!), you’ll be rewarded with the most tender slices of beef. The smell and crackle of the cedar board as it cooks adds some drama to the process!

This is it dear readers, my first vegetarian dish.  Not just vegetables as a side, but a recipe intentional about replacing meat with a plant-based alternative. It hits all the right notes – “meaty”, full of flavor and creamy, just like you’d expect Mexican inspired potato skins to be.  Try it at your Superbowl party, and I guarantee that even all those meat-loving men gathered around the TV will enjoy every bite!

DIY Christmas Boards (they work great for New Year’s Eve too!). Easy to assemble, and incredibly delicious.

 4 different Charcuterie pairings for the Holidays!

Perfect for appetizers and desserts over the holidays. We break it down into shopping lists, and show you how to assemble them on a board.

One of the simplest, no-cook and no-bake appetizers is a good old-fashioned charcuterie board, made with a variety of dry-cured meats, local cheeses, jellies and pickled vegetables. But when it’s time to choose your meats, if you’ve stood staring at the many options at our meat counter wondering where to begin, this series is for you. We’ve showcased “tasting profiles” on various meats and cheeses so that you can get to know the selection at your disposal.

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