Lepp Farm Market supports Run for Water 
Good morning.  As I sip on my freshly pressed gourmet coffee, made with Abbotsford’s pristine water renowned as some of the cleanest water in the world,  I want to invite you to take a journey with me to the remote village of Sasiga, Ethiopia.  It’s early morning, and the blazing African sun
is already raising the temperature to a scorching level none of us have ever experienced.  As we walk along the dusty road leading to the village of 4,000 residents, we pass the school age girls of the village walking the opposite way, empty water containers in their hands.  While it would be
natural to assume by their friendly chatter that the girls are heading off to school, the reality is that these village girls are tasked with the daily duty of fetching fresh water for their families.  Girls like Selamnesh, who would love nothing more than to be allowed to go to school and educate herself to a better life for her and her family.  But as there are no wells in the village, and the nearest watering
hole is a 2 hour walk, there is simply no time left for studying.  While they would love the opportunity to go to school, they know that without the precious life-giving water fetched daily, their families will
perish.  And should you imagine that the water is fresh and sparkling like what we have the luxury of enjoying here in Abbotsford,  please take 2 minutes to watch this video of their reality,
Sasiga’s only water source, teeming with bacteria and disease.
Run for Water, an Abbotsford born charitable run, is working to bring fresh water to Ethiopia,
one village at a time.  Since it’s inception in 2008, they have raised over $1,000,000 in donations,
have brought water to 250,000 people throughout Ethiopia by constructing over 280 water points
in more than 30 villages.  Doesn’t that get you excited??   Wow, way to go Abbotsford!!  
Lepp Farm Market is so excited to be joining with Run For Water this year as a sponsor.
And the best part is that we are asking you, our Lepp Farm Family to join with us in
donating to this exceptional charity.  As we we want to give all our staff the opportunity to be
able to participate in the run, we will be closed until noon on race day, Sunday, May 29.
“I, for one, have pledged to RUN the 5K, and am huffing and puffing around my neighbourhood
as I train for this once-in-my-lifetime event.  Trust me, a runner I am not!
And here’s how you can become involved:
1. You know the little surprise our Lepp Farm Family members receive each time they
spend more than $50?  Well, starting Monday, May 2, that will be a $5 donation made
by Lepp Farm Market to Run For Water, on your behalf.
2. If you’d like to personally make a donation to Run For Water, we will give you the opportunity
to do that right at our till as you complete your purchase.  The mind-blowing stat is that for a
donation of $35, you bring one person clean water for life!  Each time you donate, you will
be given a prize entry to win this beautiful stainless steel Jackson Grill BBQ, generously
donated by Hat Creek Land and Cattle Company.
3. If you prefer to receive a tax receipt for your donation, we invite you to go
here to our donation page, or here, a link on our website that will take you to
the donation page.
4. Our LFM team members that are entered in the run are wearing sunshine yellow buttons,
and they are also all busy raising donations on their own.  An internal contest among our team
is being held, with another Jackson Grill BBQ donated by Hat Creek Land and Cattle Company
going to the participant that raises the most money.  So if you have a team member that you want to
encourage, talk to them about their individual fundraising efforts and learn how you
can donate on their behalf.
There is simply no easier way to change the course of a young girl’s life living in a drought
stricken country than by giving them access to clean water, freeing up their day so that they
can go to school.  I know that your hearts are generous, and I’m so excited to see what we
can all do together in the month of May to help make that happen for the residents of Sasiga.
We’re taking a leap of faith and putting a total of $10,000 donation goal, and I know that we can
double, and even triple that, together.  We’ll keep you updated as we go along,
and stay tuned for the final results in our Thursday, June 2 email!

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