How to Brine a Farm Fresh Turkey

Elevate your fresh, local bird to a whole new level with Lepp’s Turkey Brine Spice Blend.  As turkey is naturally lean, it can become dry and tough if overcooked – this salty brine helps to break down some of the turkey’s muscle proteins aiding in overall moisture absorption.

We’ve stocked up on jars of our brine spices for the occasion! Available here at the market.

Boneless Turkey Roast

If the thought of roasting a huge turkey intimidates you, or you’re a small group, then a boneless turkey breast roast is the dish for you!  Carving is simple, and if you’re not dedicated white meat eaters, then choose a breast roast stuffed with thigh meat and you get both dark and white in each slice.  I always like to cook my roasts on a bed of vegetables, as it elevates the roast for even browning and deliciously flavours the pan juices.


Make Ahead Turkey Gravy

This Make Ahead Turkey Gravy using fresh turkey wings is a game changer with no huge mess at the last minute. Basically, you are making a flavourful, condensed turkey stock.

Slow Cooker Stuffing

The addition of a finely diced apple to this slow cooker stuffing helps moisten the stuffing without adding more butter, and the sausage gives it an unexpected “I can’t identify it, but love the taste” flavor.

Be sure to pick up a stuffing kit here at the market – it includes bread that we’ve already dried for you (one less step!) and precisely enough poultry seasoning.

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Spiced Cranberry Sauce

Try making your own cranberry sauce this Thanksgiving by making this soft, velvety smooth Spiced Cranberry Sauce.

Or, our housemade cranberry sauce is available here at the market. We’ve also stocked up on some specialty cranberry sauces in our grocery aisle!

Charlotte’s Mashed Potatoes

Triple Smoke Prime Rub is a great all-purpose spice mix and enhances mashed potatoes with a slightly smoky flavor, perfect for serving with a beef or pork roast. Adding garlic cloves to the pot while you cook the potatoes softens them enough to completely mash into the finished dish.

Charcuterie Pairings

Here are 4 different ways you can prepare a Charcuterie Board this Holiday Season. Perfect for appetizers and desserts over the holidays. We break it down into shopping lists, and show you how to assemble them on a board.

Strawberry & Cranberry Jam (Christmas Jam)

Although strawberries are no longer in season, this recipe is one to bookmark for next year. This delicately spiced, orange infused jam is perfect served alongside the holiday turkey as a savoury condiment. If you can’t wait, frozen strawberries and cranberries will work for this recipe.

Cranberry Ginger Simple Syrup

This simple syrup is easy to make and works perfectly in Holiday mocktails and cocktails.

Apple Cider Sangria

This Apple Cider Sangria is great for entertaining. Try making this with our fresh-pressed Apple Cider.

Leftover Turkey Sandwich

Leftover turkey sandwiches are a Christmas tradition, and you can take yours to the next level. Try this Cranberry Mustard, Turkey, & Camembert Grilled Cheese Sandwich.


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