Most Popular Recipes of 2019

  1. Boneless Turkey Roast – we noticed that this recipe was very popular, and we suspected it was because you simply wanted to know the best way to cook a boneless turkey roast. This page used to land on this bacon-wrapped turkey roast recipe, but we thought we should update it for you! In December Charlotte revamped the recipe and our marketing team photographed the new and improved results! If you did love the old recipe, you can still find it here.
  2. Christmas Recipes Blog Post
  3. Thanksgiving Recipes Blog Post
  4. Easy & Quick Weeknight Dinner Recipes Blog Post
  5. A Dutch Grandmother’s Mustard Pickles
  6. Egg Roll in a Bowl
  7. Ham & Cheese Ball
  8. Strawberry Rhubarb Cobbler & Honey Butter Biscuits
  9. BC Warba New Nugget Potatoes
  10. Rhubarb Simple Syrup


Top 10 New Recipes of 2019
  1. Boneless Turkey Roast
  2. Egg Roll in a Bowl
  3. Strawberry Rhubarb Cobbler with Honey Butter Biscuits 
  4. Rhubarb Simple Syrup
  5. Instant Pot Pho Ga
  6. Deconstructed Strawberry Cheesecake
  7. Peach Rhubarb Slab Pie
  8. Roasted Cherries on Brie
  9. Nectarine Jam
  10. Sweet Spicy Cucumber Pepper Relish


Recipe Blog Posts of 2019

This year we started doing blog posts where we compiled different recipes, and these were by far the most popular! This was the order of popularity:

  1. Christmas Recipes
  2. Thanksgiving Recipes
  3. Quick Weeknight Dinner Recipes
  4. New Zero Waste Products
  5. Summer Backyard Dinner with Recipes
  6. Summer Evening Charcuterie
  7. Kombucha Cocktails with Healthy Hooch
  8. Corn & Peach Recipes to Try This Summer
  9. Charcuterie Board Pairing Suggestions 
  10. Mancini Pasta (we introduced this product & gave you two recipes to try!)


Top Newsletters of 2019

  1. It’s Paska Time! You all sure do love your paska.
  2. In Loving Memory of Grandma Lepp, featuring a recipe for her Sauerkraut Soup.
  3. I tried a vegan recipe, here’s how it went, featuring a recipe for Vegan Taco Fiesta Potato Crisps.
  4. Local Story: Little Saigon. This newsletter celebrated the opening of their new location at the McCallum Junction in Abbotsford. Read the full story here.
  5. Pumpkins have arrived at the market! Blue, pink and everything in between.
  6. Zero Waste: We don’t need a handful of people doing it perfectly, we need many people doing it imperfectly. This newsletter we introduced our Choose to Refuse initiative!
  7. Instant Pot Pho Ga Recipe in your instant pot! (with stovetop instructions, too!).
  8. Strawberry Season is Starting with a recipe for Strawberry Rhubarb Cobbler with Honey Butter Biscuits.
  9. 13 Thanksgiving Recipes, all tested and approved in my kitchen.
  10. Mothers Day Missing Link! For the Mother’s Day newsletter the Run for Water link was missing – so we resent it here!


Most Popular Instagram Posts of 2019

See our Instagram here.


Most Popular Facebook Posts of 2019

  1. Lepp Farm Market Hydroponic Lettuce announcement!
  2. Infant Sized Cabbage. 
  3. Rob & Char (photo above)!
  4. Year-Round Farm Market in January Video
  5. Revealing our Fall Display! We loved seeing all of your photo ops at our display this year.
  6. Lepp Farm Market 10 Year Challenge
  7. Produce April Fools Signs – our produce department had quite a bit of fun this April Fools with produce signs like “Long English Water Tubes” and “Yellow Boomerangs”.
  8. Goodbye Corn Shack. 
  9. Trisha moved into the office! Trisha has worked here at the market for over 3 years as part of our team of cashiers and this year she graduated from university and moved into the office to become a part of our marketing team.
  10. Erica got her Red Seal! Erica has been part of our kitchen team for over a year now, working alongside Chef Nick. This year she successfully completed her certification, and is now a Red Seal Chef!


New to our Grocery Department this Year

New Grocery Items This Year Include:

Sweets & Treats

  • Brulees for Days
  • Favuzzi Pistachio Cream

Vegan Products

  • Nora’s Ice Cream
  • Fauxmage Vegan Cheese
  • Riviera Vegan Yogurts 

For Your Charcuterie Boards

  • Oldhand Mustard
  • Luv The Grub
  • Salt Spring Island Co products
  • RW Garcia Crackers
  • Bog Cranberry Sauce & Hot Pepper Cranberry Jelly
  • BC Brine Pickles


  • Rocky Mountain Tisane
  • New Healthy Hooch flavours like Peach & Apricot Roiboos and Turmeric Sunshine

Dinner Products

  • Veronica’s Perogies
  • Flavours Kitchen


  • Fatso Peanut Butter
  • Raising John

Zero Waste Section!

We also rearranged our grocery aisle this year!


New to Our Meat Department this Year

  • Introduced our Plant-Based Black Bean Burgers
  • Tried out a lot of new convenience foods, like the spatchcock chicken!
  • Brought back Lepp’s Maple Bacon


New to our Cafe this Year

New Kitchen Items This Year:

  • Mondays are now Grill Day!
  • Lemon Tarts added to our daily menu

Memorable Saturday Cafe menus:

  • Footlong Hot Dog Day
  • Grilled Cheese Day


  • Charcuterie boards just keep increasing in popularity!
  • Our Mother’s Day brunch this year was a hit!


New Market Endeavors this Year

  • Corn Shucking Station
    We finally retired The Corn Shack which had been with us since before the market even opened. All of our sweet non-GMO corn moved inside the market, so we knew we would need a place for you to shuck the husks into. Not wanting to place unsightly garbage bins in our entryway, the Corn Shucking Station was proposed and later built just in time for corn season. 
  • Wheel of Awesome for Employee of the Month
    Have you seen this in our social media story updates yet? We share short snippets of our management team announcing our Employee of the Month, who then spins The Wheel of Awesome (kind of like wheel of fortune, but instead of a letter you get a prize!) for prizes like A Charcuterie Board, a Lepp Farm Market Gift Basket, or the dreaded spoonful of mustard.
  • Sampling Program
    This year we met someone so fanatical about food that we just had to have her on our team! Monique is now part of our in-house sampling program, sampling different products throughout the week so that our guests can get better acquainted with all of the delicious products we offer.
  • Choose to Refuse initiative 
    • May: Abbotsford Food Bank: $573 donated
    • June: Abbotsford Hospice society: $664.80 donated
    • July: Abbotsford Big Brothers & Sisters: $768 donated
    • August Abbotsford Police Foundation: $871
    • September: Canuck Place Children’s Hospice: $1056
    • October Cyrus Centre: $685.96
    • November: Sara for Women $793.86 
    • Run for Water was our “House Charity” that we collected funds for throughout the entire length of this initiative. This year we’ll donate $4,385.12 
  • Peach Pie Competition new format.


New Farm Endeavors this Year

  • Began construction on Strawberry Hoop Houses on the home farm. Similar to a greenhouse, hoop houses will extend our farm’s strawberry season and make it easier for farm workers to hand pick the berries without bending down all day.
  • Began construction on a hydroponic greenhouse in Abbotsford! Look for Lepp Farm grown lettuce in the market! At the end of December we announced our new Greenhouse project where we’re now growing butter lettuce, green leaf lettuce, read leaf lettuce and romaine lettuce right here in Abbotsford. That means you’ll be able to buy lettuce at the market that has been harvested the same day (fresh!) and has only traveled within Abbotsford to get to you. Watch our Greenhouse Tour here!

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